You want to
know about me?

I love to be around people whether it's just a lazy day of movies or a completely out of control night of beer pong, naked runs, and bad dancing. Well, maybe not all that, I am 30 years old now...

I have had my regrets, but in college, we all did.
I don't see the point of lying about it.  Those nights made me who I am today.

In my life time I have met some remarkable people, some are still around while others have been lost in translation, but all have been an inspiration.

I have changed my major more times than semesters I attended school, simply because for every school I went to the same thing has a different title, that and public school budget cuts made the idea of becoming a HIgh School Art Teacher a bit too risky.

My life consists of the most random events and people and I couldn't be happier about this. When I have a couple of off days when the world taps me on the shoulder and sucker punches me in the face, don't call the suicide hotline right away. Let me vent and leave me be.
I've did my fair share of drugs in high school, actually more than most people do in their whole life time. But I also quit all on my own before I destroyed my life and for that I am proud of myself.

Music is constantly playing in my head, Pandora could be the most used Application on my phone.
Yes, I'm addicted to facebook, no I don't Tweet, and yes I have Instagram. 

I feel like there's never a real way of knowing what happens after you die, only what happened while you were here and that you should make it worth knowing.
That no good deed goes unpunished, and that despite all attempts to be fair, we are all byas.

I do believe in ghosts, paranormal happenings, deja veu, and I'm still on the fence about alien existence.
I may be self conscious but I'm also confident.

I bruise horribly, hurt easy, and party hard.
I have tattoos and piercings, but I have a faith that can't be broken.

I can't go into a pound without rescuing something, Anything.
I live with my two sisters, 2 Dogs, and 3 Cats, and it works for us.

My friends mean the world to me and usually bond quickly to those who I will have stick around.
Those that work for it get the chance (1903 <3)

I currently spend my time with a crowd that have completely overwhelmed me. They drink like tanks and welcome everyone. I'm so impressed with the fact that they are just as crazy, if not more than we are, that I cant help but want to be around them at all times.
That's right boys,
You are that cool. I'm completely attached to you all now.

Ill let you know when I have decided more